Xinnor Gears Up for the HPC-AI Advisory Council China Annual Conference 2023

August 22, 2023

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Xinnor is pleased to announce its participation at the prominent HPC-AI Advisory Council China Annual Conference 2023. Davide Villa, the Chief Revenue Officer at Xinnor, will represent the company with a data-backed presentation, entitled “Boosting Performance of HPC and AI Storage Systems with Innovative RAID Engine for NVMe SSD“. Xinnor’s session is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23rd, from 15:30 – 16:00 (China Time).

Our talk aims to introduce the audience to how Xinnor’s software RAID solution performs in contrast with other hardware and software RAID solutions. We will present in-depth comparisons, statistics, and analysis that emphasize the performance variations among tested NVMe RAID solutions. Additionally, we will highlight what makes Xinnor’s xiRAID distinct, its key benefits, and how it addresses and resolves challenges to enable efficient RAID on NVMe. Davide’s speech will include addressing the relevant use case ‘xiRAID for disaggregated storage infrastructure’, pinpointing the HPC storage requirements, the limitation of the usual HPC storage solutions, and the advantages of combining Xinnor xiRAID, Western Digital OpenFlex, and BeeGFS.

We’re glad to invite everyone to join Xinnor at the conference and gain more understanding into the future of AI and HPC storage systems. The aim of our presentation is not only to impart knowledge but to provide practical information, enlighten the audience to make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable solution for their specific needs.

This year’s HPC-AI Advisory Council China Annual Conference will zero in on RDMA networking for the LLM Era, with talks from leading companies and industry experts. The conference forms part of the larger CCF HPC China 2023, and is set to take place in Qingdao, Shandong province, China. The conference will be conducted in a hybrid manner, accommodating both onsite and online attendees. Deadline for registration is approaching. Ensure your spot at the event, whether online or onsite, and do not miss Xinnor’s session.