About Xinnor

Xinnor is an Israeli-based software development company that specializes in creating innovative data storage solutions. Our main product is a patented software RAID technology that delivers exceptional performance.

Our goal

Our software is designed to distribute data across multiple storage devices, resulting in improved data protection and increased accessibility. High-performance storage allows businesses to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity. In addition, it provides greater scalability, flexibility, and resilience to handle the ever-increasing demands of modern business.

We are passionate about delivering high-quality software solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Our team consists of dedicated experts who are committed to delivering cutting-edge software solutions. Our in-house research lab is constantly testing new ideas and concepts to improve our products and services. At Xinnor, we are committed to delivering high-quality software solutions that help businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Our leadership team

VP of Product Strategy

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Bar Jehuda road 300, «Lev ha’Zomet», Check Post, Haifa, Israel, 3295008

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