4K/8K Video

Perfect software RAID for data storage systems in media and entertainment.

Software RAID joins NVMe® for the highest FPS

Here’s how it’s possible

xiRAID has been optimized to work with NVMe® storage devices, enabling to utilize up to 97% of hardware performance capabilities. Such results are made possible by high I/O handling parallelization and lockless datapath.

Our internal testing shows that xiRAID is capable of providing enough performance to process up to 8 streams of 4k, 60fps uncompressed video.

Tests were performed with the TestIO utility (part of Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve kit), and the frametest utility. Reference hardware specification below.


The testing was initiated with the following parameters: frametest -r -z49856 -n9000 -t4 /mnt/xfs/<stream number>.

r – reads, z – frame size (КB), n – number of frames, t – number of threads per task.

xiRAID6 performance (frametest) - 1
xiRAID6 performance (frametest) - 2


Parameters of launch for each stream: /TestIO /mnt/xfs/1 50 9000 4 0 1.

1 st parameter – frame size (MB), 2nd – number of frames, 3rd – number of threads, 4th – keep CPU busy, 5th – Direct IO (1- direct, 0 – not direct).

xiRAID6 performance (TestIO) - 1
xiRAID6 performance (TestIO) - 2

Below are results for 4 streams

Results for 4 streams - 1
Results for 4 streams - 2

Test environment

Test environment


xiRAID in a RAID6 configuration deliver enough performance to process up to 8 streams of uncompressed 4K video.