Bare-metal cloud

With the advent of NVMe SSD, bare-metal cloud implementations face challenges in providing high reliability tothe customers. As bare-metal cloud providers offer dedicated physical servers to their clients, any hardware failure can cause significant downtime, which can have severe consequences for business-critical applications. Additionally, storage performance and capacity limitations can also limit the ability of bare-metal cloud implementations to serve high-demand workloads.


The use of RAID can significantly enhance reliability by providing redundancy through data mirroring, striping, or parity, ensuring that data is not lost even if one or more disks fail. On the other hand, some RAID implementation can have a negative impact on performance.

xiRAID is an effective solution for bare-metal cloud providers because it allows to combine reliability and performance. By implementing xiRAID, cloud providers can offer higher levels of redundancy and data protection, which can reduce the risk of data loss due to hardware failure.

xiRAID has been optimized to work with NVMe® storage devices, enabling to utilize up to 97% of hardware performance capabilities. Such results are made possible by high I/O handling parallelization and lockless datapath. By leveraging Advance Vector Extension of moder CPU, xiRAID achieves great performance with minimal CPU load.

Key features

Bare-metal cloud - Key features


  • 1Increased reliability: xiRAID provides redundancy, which can help ensure that hardware failures do not result in data loss or downtime.
  • 2Enhanced performance: Depending on the RAID configuration used, the performance of the storage subsystem can be significantly improved, allowing for better responsiveness and faster access to data.
  • 3Greater scalability: xiRAID can allow for the creation of larger volumes of storage capacity, which can be scaled as needed.
  • 4Better data protection: xiRAID can provide multiple levels of data protection, such as mirroring or parity, which can help protect against data corruption or data loss due to hardware failures.

By leveraging xiRAID, bare-metal cloud providers can offer more robust and reliable services, meeting the requirements of high-demand workloads while reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.