The fastest and most reliable software RAID

High-performance RAID solution for the new generation of storage.

Your partner in NVMe® performance.

Our features

Software xiRAID to replace hardware RAID controller

High Performance

  • 150 GB/s and 30 000 000 IO/s
  • Latency below 0.5ms
  • No performance penalty in mixed I/O workloads
  • Low performance hit in degraded RAID state

Usability and compatibility

  • Wide range of RAID levels:
  • Works with local and remote (NVMe-oF™) drives
  • Clients access RAID array as a local block device
  • POSIX API support: no need to change applications or file systems


  • Less than 10% CPU usage under maximum workload
  • Low system memory footprint: less than 4 GB of DRAM required for optimal performance

About us

Xinnor develops xiRAID – a software RAID engine of exceptional performance. xiRAID is a product of a decade of math research, unique algorithms of data protection and in-depth knowledge of modern CPU operation. Although it works with all types of storage devices, xiRAID really shines when deployed together with NVMe® or NVMe-oF™ devices. xiRAID is the only software solution in the market capable of driving up to 97% of raw device performance in a computationally heavy RAID5 configuration, while maintaining a very modest load on the host CPU and low memory footprint.

xiRAID is the best solution for your NVMe® infrastructure to speed up and secure all data storage workflow in such areas as:

  • AI Training and ML
  • Local NoSQL databases
  • 4K/8K video production and streaming
  • Packet capturing
  • HPC, and many others.

Our product comes as a lightweight, state-of-the-art software package, downloaded and installed from our repository and ready to use out of the box, without a need to purchase any special hardware.

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