What is xiStore

xiSTORE is a software Defined Storage (SDS) solution for the HPC and AI market, based on xiRAID, the fastest and most reliable RAID engine, combined with Lustre FS clustered file system and commodity hardware, to provide efficient, flexible and scalable storage infrastructure.

xiStore Architecture

xiStore Architecture


Outstanding Reliability

  • RAIDs 5, 6, 7.3, N+M/nested/declustered
  • High-availability cluster
  • Silent data corruption protection

Unbeatable Performance

  • Designed for both HPC and AI workloads
  • Hybrid HDD and NVMe SSD configuration

Seamless Integration

  • Lustre clustered file system
  • Virtual Machines Management support
  • No hardware lock-in


  • Scale-up: increase usable capacity by adding more JBODs to each building block
  • Scale-out: increase both capacity and performance by adding more building blocks

Impressive Efficiency

  • Over 80GB/s sequential Read and Write from 384 HDD
    (83% effciency)
  • Over 60GB/s Write and over 80GB/s Read from 16 NVMe
    (94% efficiency)

Industry Fastest Drive Rebuild Time

  • Improved HDD rebuild time thanks to delcustered RAID
  • Up to 2.6x faster than ZFS
  • Up to 10x faster than conventional RAID

Underlying Technologies

xiRAID for NVMe

The fastest software RAID on the market.

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Declustered RAID for HDD

We apply our pre-calculated cyclic matrices to maximize parallelism and minimize rebuild time.

Silent Data Corruption Protection

System scans and fixes silent data corruption errors in background with insignificant performance loss.

VM Management​

Ability to run virtual machines, including high availability mechanism, to increase system flexibility and reduce maintenance costs.​

High Availability

The solution is composed from dual-controller building block working in HA cluster to eliminate single point of failure.

Block Architecture & Functional Specification

xiStore Block Architecture & Functional Specification

Ultra-fast RAID engine for HDD and NVMe

Conventional RAIDs:​RAID 0/1/10/5/6/7.3​, RAID 50/60/70​

Declustered RAIDs​: dRAID (dRAID1), dRAID5(4D+1P,8D+1P), dRAID6(8D+2P)​, dRAID6(16D+2P)​, dRAID7.3(16D+3P,32D+3P)

Easy Manageability

via customizable user interface and cli

xiStore User Interface

Supported Hardware Components

xiSTORE leverages the flexibility and cost effectiveness of commodity off-the-shelves hardware. No more expensive hardware lock-in is needed, drastically lowering the cost of the deployment and speeding up the adooption of the latest available technology.

Minimal configuration:
2x servers with either AMD Epyc or Intel Nehalem (or newer) CPU, each with:
  • 1x SAS HBA SAS 9500-16e per Numa node
  • 1x Infiniband 200 Gb/s adapter per Numa node
  • 1x SAS JBOD with 84 SAS HDD + 4 SAS SSD
Type of Hardware Component Model
Processor Intel Nehalem and newer; AMD EPYC.
Drives All SAS HDD/SSD and NVMe SSD drives without encryption.
Motherboard Most motherboard models compatible with Intel CPUs (Nehalem generation and higher) and AMD EPYC CPUs.

Broadcom (LSI) SAS 9300-8e; SAS 9300-8i; SAS 9305-16i; SAS 9305-16e; SAS 9400-16e; SAS 9400-16i; SAS 9400-8e; SAS 9400-8i; SAS 9400-8i8e; SAS 9405W-16e; SAS 9405W-16i; SAS 9500-8i; SAS 9500-16i; SAS 9500-8e; SAS 9500-16e; SAS 9600W-16e

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): HPE P408i-a SR Gen 10; HPE E208i-p SR Gen 10​
InfiniBand HBA/Ethernet HBA​ NVIDIA (Mellanox) ConnectX-5 ConnectX-6 Series​