What is xiStore

xiSTORE is a Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solution for the HPC and AI market, based on xiRAID, the fastest and most reliable RAID engine, combined with Lustre FS clustered file system and commodity hardware, to provide efficient, flexible and scalable storage infrastructure.

Software-defined storage for HPC & AI

xiStore Architecture

xiStore Architecture xiStore Architecture


Outstanding Reliability

  • RAIDs 5, 6, 7.3, N+M/nested/declustered
  • High-availability cluster
  • Silent data corruption protection

Unbeatable Performance

  • Based on xiRAID – the fastest RAID engine
  • Industry fastest drive rebuild time

Seamless Integration

  • Distributed FS support
  • Virtual Machines Management support
  • No hardware lock-in

Performance (IOR)

One Single NVMe Building Block

81 GB/s

Sequential Read

79 GB/s

Sequential Write

One Single HDD Building Block

from 21 GB/s

Sequential Read/Write (168 Drives)

up to 50 GB/s

Sequential Read/Write (504 Drives)

Underlying Technologies

xiRAID for NVMe

The fastest software RAID on the market.

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Declustered RAID for HDD

We apply our pre-calculated cyclic matrices to maximize parallelism and minimize rebuild time.

Silent Data Corruption Protection

System scans and fixes silent data corruption errors in background with insignificant performance loss.

Lustre FS​

A leading parallel file system used in most of the top-performing clusters.

High Availability

The solution is composed from dual-controller building block working in HA cluster to eliminate single point of failure.

Block Architecture & Functional Specification

xiStore Block Architecture & Functional Specification

Ultra-fast RAID engine for HDD and NVMe

Conventional RAIDs:RAID 0/1/10/5/6/7.3, RAID 50/60/70

Declustered RAIDs: dRAID (dRAID1), dRAID5(4D+1P,8D+1P), dRAID6(8D+2P), dRAID6(16D+2P), dRAID7.3(16D+3P,32D+3P)

Easy Manageability

via customizable user interface and cli

xiStore User Interface

Building Block Hardware Configuration

xiSTORE leverages the flexibility and cost effectiveness of commodity off-the-shelves hardware. No more expensive hardware lock-in is needed, drastically lowering the cost of the deployment and speeding up the adoption of the latest available technology.

Minimum HDD Building Block Configuration:
2x servers with:

  • 1x AMD Epyc or Intel Nehalem (or newer) CPU with 48 physical cores
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 1x Infiniband 200 Gb/s per node
  • 2x SAS HBAs per node
  • 2x SAS JBOD with min 84 HDD and 4 SAS SSD per JBOD

Minimum NVMe Building Block Configuration:
Dual node system. Each server node with:

  • 1x Processors AMD Epyc or Intel Nehalem or newer with 48 physical cores
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 1x Infiniband 200 Gb/s per node

20+ shared NVMe drives

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SDS (software-defined storage) work?

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) abstracts storage resources from hardware, allowing flexible management and scalability through software controls. SDS decouples storage management from physical devices, enabling dynamic allocation, automation, and efficient utilization of storage infrastructure. It enhances agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in storage solutions. xiSTORE, powered by Lustre File System and xiRAID, represents a cutting-edge SDS solution, combining high-performance software RAID with a robust file system for optimal data storage and retrieval.

Choosing SDS (software-defined storage) offers flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness as it decouples storage management from hardware, allowing for easy adaptation to changing storage needs. SDS solutions like xiSTORE, built on Lustre File System and powered by xiRAID, provide high-performance and efficient data storage solutions for diverse workloads.

Software-defined storage (SDS) revolutionizes storage systems by separating management software from hardware, offering dynamic scalability and flexibility. SDS abstracts storage functions into software layers, enabling efficient resource allocation and seamless integration with modern data centers. In contrast, traditional storage tightly couples hardware and software, limiting scalability and agility. Proprietary hardware configurations hinder adaptation to evolving storage needs, making management labor-intensive. xiSTORE embraces SDS principles, delivering enhanced performance, scalability, and manageability for modern workloads.

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