Redefining the Future of Storage Technology: Xinnor Set to Participate at the Renowned Storage Developer Conference 2023

August 21, 2023

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Xinnor will be participating at the Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2023. This is a premier annual event for developers, engineers, system architects, and technology professionals from around the globe. The conference will be held at Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley, Fremont, in California, from September 18-21, 2023. Xinnor’s VP of Strategy, Sergei Platonov, and CRO, Davide Villa, will represent Xinnor and provide a data-driven presentation titled “Deep Dive and Comparison of NVMe RAID Solutions: Performance Analysis and Datapath Breakdown.” Xinnor’s session is scheduled for Monday, September 18th.

Our talk will delve into the examination and comparison of several NVMe RAID engines, including MDRAID, xiRAID, RAID 5f from SPDK, and other relevant solutions. Utilizing modern performance analysis tools, we identified key bottlenecks while handling diverse workloads and will share these considerable findings during our presentation. Attendees will learn from Xinnor’s presentation an extensive comparative study that seeks not only to inform, but also to equip the audience with practical knowledge and actionable information, that will provide a deeper understanding of the inner architecture, capacities, and potential limitations of each solution. “We intend practical, actionable insights that will contribute to the ongoing enhancement and optimization of RAID technology for NVMe SSD,” said Sergei.

Sergei Platonov started his tech career in 2010. His expertise lies in advanced storage technologies, contributing significantly to Xinnor’s efficient storage solutions. Apart from being a tech professional, he is also an industry thought leader, with numerous conference presentations and articles.

Davide Villa joined Xinnor as the Chief Revenue Officer in 2023 bringing more than two decades of experience. Davide has been a pioneer in the Flash industry. In the early days of the flash boom, he managed business development for the NAND flash division at STMicroelectronics and later on, he had multiple roles at sTec, including VP of EMEA sales, when the company introduced the first enterprise SSD to the market. Prior to joining Xinnor, Davide served as Director of Business Development in the EMEAI region at Western Digital.

Please join Xinnor at SDC 2023 to uncover the future of NVMe RAID technology and seize the opportunity to engage with Xinnor and other industry influencers. This is a great chance to learn, network, see new innovative solutions, drive improved performance, and participate in shaping the future of storage technology.

“We will be glad to share how we’re changing the storage industry with our innovations,” said Davide. “At Xinnor, we are committed to driving improved performance and efficiency in storage systems”.