Xinnor and ATTO Team Up to Provide a Revolutionary Solution for NVMe

March 28, 2023

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Xinnor and ATTO Technology, Inc. have joined forces to provide a comprehensive solution for designing a scalable high-performance storage solution that considers data integrity, flexibility in system design, and management of storage resources.

ATTO ExpressNVM™ NVMe Smart Switch Host Adapters and Xinnor Software RAID (xiRAID), join forces to create the perfect RAID solution for compute-intensive, high-performance systems. The combination of these two powerful technologies provides an effective, reliable and secure way to deploy NVMe SSD while assuring data integrity.

Xinnor xiRAID is a software RAID solution designed from the ground up for NVMe performance. It provides a high level of flexibility while keeping host resource utilization to an unprecedented minimum. ATTO ExpressNVM NVMe Smart Switch Host Adapters are an innovative storage connectivity solution that adds scalability and flexibility to dense NVMe storage ecosystems. ExpressNVM comes with a host of management tools and administrative features that allow data centers and hyperscalers to design smart and flexible enterprise-grade systems while retaining the full performance of NVMe SSDs.

The solution was tested on a Dell PowerEdge server, where eight NVMe SSDs were installed via PCIe Gen4 using the ATTO ExpressNVM adapter and sequential I/O was run across the RAID group. When using xiRAID in RAID5 we were able to achieve 27.5 GB/s in reads and 9 GB/s in write.

“The combination of the Xinnor Software RAID (xiRAID) and ATTO ExpressNVM NVMe Smart Switch Host Adapters is a powerful, yet highly flexible solution that provides affordability, efficient data protection, and drive management for NVMe for mission-critical applications,” said Davide Villa, Chief Revenue Officer at Xinnor.

“This is the RAID solution data center managers have been waiting for,” said Tim Klein, President/CEO, ATTO Technology. “Software RAID5 on NVMe storage that’s operating at or near full speed is truly next level in terms of performance and value.”


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