Xinnor to Present xiRAID and xiSCALE Software RAID Solutions at ISC High Performance Conference 2023

May 11, 2023

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Xinnor, a provider of innovative storage solutions, will showcase its software RAID solutions at the ISC High Performance Conference 2023 in Hamburg from May 22 to May 24. The company will demonstrate xiRAID, a software RAID engine specifically designed for NVMe SSD, and xiSCALE, a declustered RAID solution for massive capacity drives (HDD and SSD).

XiRAID is the only software solution on the market that is designed to work effectively with local and networked NVMe devices. With high I/O handling parallelization and a lockless datapath, xiRAID arrays perform very close to the raw drive capabilities, greatly exceeding the performance of the latest hardware RAID solutions. Additionally, unlike traditional software RAID implementations, xiRAID is a lightweight software module that requires just 2% of CPU load and almost no RAM for checksum calculations, which makes it ideal for parallel file systems like Lustre and BeeGFS.

XiSCALE is an innovative declustered RAID engine that aims to solve the long drive rebuild time, typical of mass capacity HDD/SSD. Thanks to its pre-defined matrices of data, checksums, and spare block placements, xiSCALE reduces drive rebuild time from days to hours.

At Xinnor’s booth, visitors will also have the chance to see the Western Digital OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform. Western Digital’s OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform extends the high performance of NVMe flash to shared storage. It provides low-latency sharing of NVMe SSDs over a high-performance Ethernet fabric to deliver similar performance to locally attached NVMe SSDs.

Leveraging Western Digital Data24 and Xinnor’s xiRAID in collaboration with ThinkParQ, Xinnor will present a ready-to-deploy high performance BeeGFS reference architecture. The combination of BeeGFS parallel file system with xiRAID deployed on OpenFlex Data24 addresses the need of IT and HPC with high performance, easy-to-manage, and fully supported solution. Testing performed by Western Digital showed an impressive 42 GBps for reads and 24 GBps for writes with a single Data24 and cost-optimized RAID5/6 implementation. Additionally, the solution provides the benefit of an open composable infrastructure environment.

Xinnor invites visitors to the ISC High Performance Conference 2023 to visit its booth (D421) to learn more about its innovative RAID engines, xiRAID and xiSCALE, and showcase exceptional results of xiRAID running on Western Digital’s Data24 storage platform with BeeGFS architecture.


Headquartered in San Jose, California, Western Digital Corporation is an American manufacturer of computer drives and data storage solutions. The company designs, produces, and markets data technology products, such as data storage devices, cloud storage services, and data center systems. With a lengthy history as an integrated circuit manufacturer and storage products provider, Western Digital is among the leading manufacturers of computer hard disk drives, solid-state drives, and flash memory devices.


ThinkParQ GmbH strives to create and develop the fastest, most flexible, and most stable solutions for every performance-oriented environment. Established in 2014 as a spinoff from the Fraunhofer Center for High-Performance Computing, ThinkParQ drives the research and development of BeeGFS, and works closely with system integrators to create turn-key solutions. Visit for further information.


The ISC High Performance Conference is a premier event that brings together HPC professionals from around the world to discuss the latest trends and developments in high-performance computing. Xinnor will present its software RAID solutions, which offer high-performance, cost-effective, and scalable storage solutions for modern data centers.