Xinnor to participate on the 2023 HPC Advisory Council Swiss Conference

March 27, 2023

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Xinnor is set to participate at the 2023 HPC Advisory Council Swiss Conference. The conference, which brings together experts in the field of high-performance computing (HPC) from around the world, will be held in Lugano, Switzerland, from April 3-6. At the conference, the company will present a session on “How we built a multi-petabyte system for academic data exchange”.

Davide Villa, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Xinnor, will be sharing insights on how it has been possible to build a scalable multi-petabyte cluster, delivering in excess of 240GB/s, by levering commodity off-the-shelf hardware and our unique software. The presentation will delve into the challenges faced by academic institutions in managing and exchanging large amounts of data, and how Xinnor’s solution addressed these challenges. At the same time, Xinnor will outline how it will simplify deployment of massive capacity drives with its purpose built de-clustered RAID.

The HPC Advisory Council Swiss Conference is a premier high-performance computing (HPC) event that brings together industry experts and academics to share knowledge and discuss the latest trends in HPC. Xinnor’s participation in the event is a testament to its commitment to advancing the field of data management and HPC.

“We are excited to share our experience with the HPC community,” said Villa. “At Xinnor, we believe that data is the lifeblood of modern research, and we are committed to helping our customers unlock the full potential of their data.”