Xinnor to Participate on the 2023 NAB Show

March 23, 2023

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Xinnor, Tuxera and Cheetah RAID join forces to deliver a storage platform that provides unmatched performance, data integrity and portability for media applications. Joint solution powered by Xinnor Software RAID (xiRAID) & Tuxera Fusion File Share and based on Cheetah RAID Raptor platform satisfies the most demanding requirements of media and entertainment businesses. It allows to get the most out of NVMe drives and provides high performance of sequential and multi-thread workloads over SMB Direct protocol and integrity of media content.

Xinnor xiRAID is a software RAID solution designed from the ground up for NVMe performance. It provides a high level of flexibility while keeping host resource utilization to an unprecedented minimum. Specifically designed to handle the high level of parallelism of NVMe devices, xiRAID eliminates the bottleneck caused by ‘traditional’ RAID controllers and allows to deliver up to 97% of raw device performance.

Fusion File Share by Tuxera is a high-performance, scalable, and highly reliable alternative to Samba and other SMB server implementations. It brings support for Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to PaaS (public cloud platform as a service) offerings, software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, and enterprise-grade network attached storage (NAS). Fusion File Share makes it possible to securely share business-critical files over a network (SMB over QUIC) to many devices at the same time.

The Cheetah RAID Raptor 2U is a powerful and high-performance server that is specially designed to meet the unique demands of the media and entertainment industry, as well as military and autonomous vehicle applications, even in harsh and challenging environments.

Xinnor to participate on the 2023 NAB SHOW

2U Server with Hot-Swap NVMe Drive Canister

xiRAID software was tested on the Cheetah platform through Tuxera’s SMB Direct implementation on relevant media loads and got impressive results:

  • Up to 10GB/s writes and up to 10GB/s reads across the network using the SMB Direct share
  • Up to 21 GB/s writes and up to 33,5GB/s reads on the local test to the filesystem

Frametest 4 stream, 4K-video and sequential read/write across the network and locally using SMB-shares on client (xiRAID RAID 5 with 5 NVMe drives and NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX 5 100GbE adapter)

Xinnor, Tuxera and Cheetah RAID will demonstrate the superior performance of a specifically designed for media industry workflows modular NAS and its ability to physically move large amounts of data, which is important for the film industry on the upcoming NAB Show (April 16-19, Las Vegas, NV, booth number N3364).

ABOUT Tuxera

Tuxera is the leading provider of quality-assured data storage management software and networking technologies. Tuxera offers highly performant, enterprise-grade data access, storage, and transfer software for unstructured or file-based data. Its software solutions offer exceptional scalability, availability, and security for leading PaaS providers, software-defined storage (SDS) vendors, and data-driven enterprises.


Cheetah RAID Storage, founded in 2006, has positioned itself as a leader in building high-performance, small form factor NVMe servers for the Media and Entertainment, Autonomous Vehicle markets and US Navy. Its solutions are ideal for use in applications where space is limited and performance is essential. Cheetah’s small form factor NVMe servers are designed to provide high performance and reliability while taking up less space.