Sergey Platonov, VP of Product Strategy, Took Part in 14th Annual Stanford Conference on HPC

March 7, 2023

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VP of Product Strategy at Xinnor, Sergey Platonov, has presented his latest research on HPC data storage at the 14th Annual Stanford Conference powered by Stanford HPC Center and HPC-AI Advisory Council. The report was held on February 15, 2023.

Sergey’s report highlighted the challenges faced by HPC applications that use bulk TIER-2 data storage systems, which sometimes reach several petabytes. The main issue that arises is slow recovery after disk failure, which can take days and risks further failure and data loss. However, Xinnor’s research has found a solution to this problem.

“We’ve reduced recovery time to just a few hours through declustered RAID and optimized block allocation maps,” said Platonov during his presentation. “Our mathematical research found the optimal maps for recovery, improving reliability and resilience of HPC data storage.”

The recording of Sergey Platonov’s presentation is now available to watch at: