Xinnor Launches xiRAID Classic 4.1: Support for High Availability on NVMe, Adaptive Merge, CPU Affinity and Wider Compatibility

June 11, 2024

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June 10, 2024 – Xinnor, a leading provider of cutting-edge data storage solutions, proudly announces the release of xiRAID Classic 4.1, the latest version of its flagship product. This update introduces significant enhancements, including expanded distribution support, high availability clustering, a new CPU management approach, and several performance and usability improvements.

Key enhancements in xiRAID Classic 4.1:

  • High Availability (HA) Clustering: xiRAID Classic 4.1 can now operate within a High Availability cluster where two server nodes share the same storage, ensuring data integrity and availability not only in case of multiple drive failures, but also in case of a server node failure.
  • CPU Affinity: Users can now assign specific CPU cores to individual RAIDs during creation and modification, optimizing performance for specific RAID configurations.
  • Adaptive Merge: This new feature monitors the workload of the application and in case of multiple sequential write operations, it automatically optimizes the waiting time for accumulating sequential write requests, to minimize the number of multiple read-modify-writes, significantly boosting system performance and extending the life of the SSDs by minimizing write amplification.
  • Expanded Distribution Support: xiRAID Classic 4.1 now supports Ubuntu 23.04 and Proxmox 8, 8.1, along with other major distributions like Oracle, RHEL, AlmaLinux, and RockyLinux.
  • Automatic RAID Restoration: RAIDs are now automatically restored after failures, ensuring minimal downtime. In a high availability configuration, the restore service loads only the kernel module, improving system resilience.
  • AppImage Support: xiRAID Classic 4.1 now includes support for the AppImage package format, simplifying the deployment process.

“Our latest release, xiRAID Classic 4.1, is designed to meet the growing demands for high availability to protect mission critical data,” said Dmitry Livshits, CEO of Xinnor. “With the other new enhancements, we are confident that our customers will be happy with more easy and robust product tuning without any compromises in performance.”

For a comprehensive list of improvements and detailed documentation, please visit the full version of the xiRAID Classic 4.1 documentation: