Xinnor and E4 Computer Engineering Forge Strategic Partnership to Bring Cutting-Edge Storage Solutions to the European HPC and AI market

January 11, 2024

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[Haifa, Scandiano, 11/1/2024] – Xinnor, a leading provider of innovative storage software, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with E4 Computer Engineering, the leading HPC European System Integrator. After extensive and successful validation, E4 has integrated xiRAID, Xinnor’s software RAID specifically designed for modern NVMe SSD, into its storage offerings. The partnership aims to deliver enhanced storage capabilities to customers who require extreme storage performance to run high performance computing simulations and Artificial Intelligence workflows. High-Performance Computing (HPC) analysis typically involves processing and analysing large datasets to run simulations on different fields such as weather forecasting, climate modelling, aerospace and aerodynamics, genomic research, drug discovery, and many more. In this environment, data are often accessed sequentially. Moreover, the emerging Artificial Intelligence applications access data with a mix of random and sequential patterns, adding more complexity to the underlying storage.

The integration of xiRAID into E4’s portfolio marks a significant milestone in providing advanced and reliable storage solutions to meet the evolving needs of educational institutions, research centers, and enterprises.

E4 has been providing to its customers advanced and reliable storage solutions for HPC workflows based on the BeeGFS parallel filesystem. In 2021, thanks to the expertise of its engineering team, E4 was awarded with the “active bee award”. Today, the partnership with Xinnor completes E4’s storage offerings leveraging the constant research for excellence of Xinnor’s xiRAID in the field of RAID protection for NVMe-based BeeGFS solutions, achieving unprecedented throughput that fully exploits the system available bandwidth. The flexibility offered by xiRAID software allows easy integration with all the systems offered by E4.

xiRAID, is a state-of-the-art RAID software solution that leverages system resources to provide unparalleled reliability and performance in data storage. As the market transition from legacy SATA and SAS drive protocols to the faster NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSDs, traditional RAID implementations cannot keep up with the high level of parallelism of the new storage interface. On the other hand, xiRAID delivers up to 97% of the raw NVMe drives performance while protecting the data from one or multiple drive failures. Because of its lightweight CPU load, even in case of metadata management and IOPS intensive workloads, xRAID makes sure that the system resources remain available to the BeeGFS processes. xiRAID excels in providing both sequential and random performance, thanks to its lockless data path and intelligent usage of the AVX (Advance Vector Extension) technology of x86 CPUs.

“We are thrilled to partner with E4 to bring our innovative software RAID to the leading universities, research institutions and enterprises within the European market.” Said Davide Villa, Chief Revenues Officer at Xinnor.

“At E4, we prioritize delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that exceed customer expectations. After rigorous evaluation, we have selected xiRAID for its exceptional performance and efficient utilization of system resources. What sets xiRAID apart is not only its outstanding capabilities but also its seamless adoption, eliminating the need for additional hardware investments.” commented Davide Obbi, Storage Specialist at E4.

The partnership with Xinnor enables E4 to deliver cutting-edge storage technology that can fit both the traditional HPC and the emerging AI storage requirements.