Xinnor and DapuStor Partner to Create a High-Performance Solution for Enterprise Data Storage

December 14, 2023

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Xinnor, an innovative data storage start-up, has teamed up with DapuStor Corporation, a renowned expert in high-end enterprise and data center SSD(Solid State Drive). The partnership aims to deliver storage solutions that meets the increasing demand for reliable, dense and high-speed storage solutions in enterprise IT and AI applications.

Xinnor and DapuStor have worked together to validate the performance of the RAID group created by combining DapuStor’s R5101 enterprise NVMe SSD with Xinnor’s xiRAID technology.

Using a Tencent Starlake as test server, equipped with AMD Epyc 7352 24-Core CPU and four R5101 NVMe SSD, the tests evaluated random read and write performance. In random read tests, the RAID group achieved 97%+ of the raw disks’ IOPS, exhibiting excellent performance. In random write tests, the RAID 5 and RAID 6 configurations achieved over 45% of the raw disks’ IOPS, an extraordinary outcome considering the inherent overhead in parity code calculation and placement.

Moreover, the tests compared xiRAID with Linux mdraid, revealing six times better performance of xiRAID in both Random read and write as well as better CPU utilization. The even distribution of CPU utilization further reinforces the benefits of Xinnor’s software RAID.

This collaboration combines the strengths of both technologies for demanding applications such as databases, OLTP, ML, and AI. The implementation of Xinnor’s RAID technology alongside DapuStor’s high-end eSSD creates an optimal solution for enterprises seeking scalable, reliable, and high-performance storage solutions.

About DapuStor

DapuStor Corporation (DapuStor), founded in April 2016, is a leading expert in high-end enterprise solid-state drives (SSD), SOC, and edge computing-related products. With world-class R&D strength and over 400 team members, it has comprehensive capabilities from chip design and product development to mass production. Its products have been widely used in servers, telecom operators and data centers.