Xinnor and Western Digital Team up to Power the Cheetah RAID Raptor Platform

August 2, 2023

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Xinnor, an innovative provider of RAID solutions, has joined forces with Western Digital, a global leader in storage market, to deliver a high-performance storage solution for Edge applications. The collaboration aims to provide RAID protection without the typical performance constraints associated with traditional RAID setups, catering to the demands of various industries, including video surveillance, streaming, autonomous vehicles, and industrial applications.

Edge applications require high-performance storage systems capable of handling sequential operations and multithreaded access to capture, process, and store critical data. However, traditional RAID configurations often introduce performance limitations, hindering the efficiency of these applications.

To address this challenge, Xinnor integrated its xiRAID software RAID solution with Western Digital’s Ultrastar DC SN650 NVMe™ SSD drives on the Cheetah RAID Raptor platform. The remarkable efficiency of the xiRAID engine has enabled the Ultrastar DC SN650 NVMe SSD drives to perform at their peak, offering both performance and protection to create a storage solution that meets the high-performance demands of Edge applications.

During the testing phase, several key objectives were evaluated:

  • Drive Performance (RAW): The Ultrastar DC SN650 NVMe drives exhibited non-RAID raw performance that aligned with the stated specifications.
  • Drive Performance (RAID): The integration of xiRAID with the NVMe drives showcased performance that closely matched the combined performance of the individual drives, indicating the effectiveness of the xiRAID engine.

Xinnor and Western Digital Team up to Power the Cheetah RAID Raptor Platform - 1

  • Filesystem Performance: The tests performed on the volume formatted with the EXT4 filesystem demonstrated superior sequential write performance, even after the drives were fully written. This highlights the resilient performance of the storage system under demanding conditions.

Xinnor and Western Digital Team up to Power the Cheetah RAID Raptor Platform - 2

Based on the extensive testing and evaluation, the combined solution of Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN650 drives protected by Xinnor xiRAID software RAID, and operated in the Cheetah RAID Raptor platform, offers sufficient performance to handle up to 4 streams of uncompressed 4K video. This outcome signifies that the integrated solution meets the rigorous requirements of most Edge applications, ensuring seamless data capture, processing, and storage for critical operations.

To learn more about test setup and results you can read the Case Study here: