Xinnor to Showcase xiRAID Software RAID Solution at Flash Memory Summit

July 7, 2023

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Haifa, Israel – Xinnor is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Flash Memory Summit, scheduled to take place from August 8 to 10. This highly anticipated event, held in Santa Clara, California, brings together industry experts, technology enthusiasts, and innovators in the flash memory and storage industry.

At the summit, Xinnor will proudly present its cutting-edge software RAID solution, xiRAID which is designed from the ground up to work with the most innovative Flash storage – NVMe drives. xiRAID delivers exceptional performance (up to 97% of raw drives) keeping CPU load on the unprecedented minimum (only to 2% for checksum calculations and less than 20% overall) which allows it to fit perfectly for different use-cases including HPC, AI/ML, database acceleration, cloud, media production and delivery etc.

Xinnor invites attendees to visit booth number 857, to witness firsthand the power and capabilities of xiRAID.