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ThinkParQ is the company behind BeeGFS, a high-performance, hardware-independent POSIX parallel file system designed for easy installation and management. It caters to various performance-oriented environments, including HPC, AI, deep learning, life sciences, oil, gas, media, and entertainment. BeeGFS eliminates architectural bottlenecks and locking situations through its user space architecture. It distributes file content across multiple storage nodes and metadata across multiple servers, benefiting both small and large systems and metadata-intensive applications.

With efficient and scalable multithreaded core components and native RDMA support, BeeGFS can serve RDMA network connections (InfiniBand, Omni-Path, RoCE, and TCP/IP) simultaneously and switch to redundant paths if needed.


To ensure a fast and reliable BeeGFS solution, xiRAID is combined with the OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform by WD. By deploying BeeGFS on the OpenFlex Data24 Storage with xiRAID, organizations gain a well-designed and easily manageable solution fully supported for HPC. It takes advantage of the benefits offered by an open composable infrastructure environment and enables disaggregated compute on the NVMe-oF storage platform.

A study conducted by Western Digital highlights the superior performance and ease of deployment achieved with BeeGFS, xiRAID, and OpenFlex Data24. It demonstrates that xiRAID enables significant performance gains with data protection and high availability. This software technology propels storage hardware systems to new levels of performance.

Test Results

The joint solution demonstrates that by replacing buddy mirroring with more cost and resources efficient xiRAID RAID5, users will gain extra capacity and performance.

IOR Test
BeeGFS performance on Non-RAID volumes (without Buddy Mirror, not protected against drive failure) BeeGFS performance on Non-RAID volumes with Buddy Mirror BeeGFS performance on Xinnor RAID5 volumes (without Buddy Mirror)
Read 45 GBps 45 GBps 42 GBps
Write 30 GBps 7.7 GBps 24 GBps

Test setup

Storage Product: OpenFlex Data24 with 24 x 3.84 TB Ultrastar DC SN840 SSDs

Storage Interface: Six QSFP28 (100Gbps) fabric ports

Host OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux® release 8.4(Ootpa)

Kernel: 4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64

Host NIC: 2 x CX5 - MCX516A-CCAT (100Gbps)

CPU: AMD® EPYC® 7352 24-Core Processor

CPU core details: Dual socket server with 24 core CPU each. 96 logical cores in total with HT enabled

Memory: 128GiB

Number of volumes on each storage server: 4

Performance benchmarking: IOR


ThinkParQ is a company dedicated to maximizing the value of data for its customers. As a spinoff from the prestigious Fraunhofer Center for High-Performance Computing, ThinkParQ specializes in developing exceptionally fast, scalable, flexible, and robust products and solutions. Their focus extends to various performance-oriented environments such as HPC, AI and Deep Learning, Life Sciences, and Oil & Gas industries. With a strong emphasis on research and development, ThinkParQ's technology empowers human development by unlocking the potential of data.