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In order to ensure a thorough testing process, Ingrasys supplied their cutting-edge modular servers from the latest generation. These servers were equipped with dual 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, showcasing an integration of the most sophisticated and advanced technologies and storage drives available. To facilitate the testing phase, a total of 12 KIOXIA CM7 Series SSDs were employed, adding a substantial layer of performance and reliability to the evaluation process.

KIOXIA CM7-R Series are a highly efficient SSDs tailored for read-intensive enterprise applications and workloads. This advanced solid-state drive is optimized to support a wide range of tasks, including business intelligence, online transaction processing, software-defined storage, and virtualization.

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The KIOXIA CM7 Series SSD delivers impressive performance with a sequential read speed of 14GB/s and sequential write speed of 7GB/s. Its random read capability is rated at 2.7 million IOPS, while random write achieves over 300,000 IOPS. Combined on the Ingrasys latest modular server in a 12-bay chassis with RAID, this leads to exceptional theoretical performance: more than 30 million IOPS for random read, over 3.9 million IOPS for random write, more than 150 GBps for sequential read, and more than 80 GBps for sequential write.

However, traditional RAID solutions struggle to scale beyond the performance of 1-2 drives using PCIe Gen5 interfaces. They often fall short of meeting the demands of modern RAID solutions, which require at least 20 million IOPS and 100 GBps performance over 12 drives. Additionally, modern RAID solutions should be versatile enough to be implemented either as bare-metal or within a hypervisor, while minimizing CPU load and RAM consumption.

Developed after 7 years of in-depth research and optimization, xiRAID excels with NVMe drives. It is designed from the ground up to fully support PCIe Gen5 and offers seamless integration, running smoothly on both servers and virtual machines (VMs). xiRAID’s lockless datapath architecture, that dynamically maps CPU cores to the RAID stripes, guarantees data consistency and high IO processing performance, with even load on all CPU cores. Moreover, proper implementation of AVX (Advance Vector Extensions) technology on the system CPU, xiRAID avoids the need for an external accelerator card which minimizes system load.

Test Results

Test environment:

  • CPU: Beaverton/Intel Xeon Gold 6430 (32Cores x2)
  • Memory: 2TB (DDR5 4800 64GBx32)
  • Benchmarking tools: fio, bdevperf
  • OS: Oracle Linux 8.8 (kernel 4.18.0-477)
  • RAID: xiRAID User Space (level 5, 6)
Ingrasys - Test Results - Random read, IOPS

Random read, IOPS

Ingrasys - Test Results - Random write, IOPS

Random write, IOPS

Ingrasys - Test Results - Sequential read, GBps

Sequential read, GBps

Ingrasys - Test Results - Sequential write, GBps

Sequential write, GBps


The tests conducted jointly by Xinnor, Ingrasys and KIOXIA showcased the impressive capabilities of xiRAID software. Not only does it ensure data integrity, but it also delivers exceptional performance, making it suitable for demanding applications like AI/ML, Databases, and CDN, which can fully exploit its unprecedented speed. Whether handling random or sequential workloads, xiRAID demonstrated outstanding performance. Moreover, even in degraded mode emulation, RAID 5 maintained remarkable performance with 12M IOPS in random read and 3M IOPS in write operations.

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