Xinnor and CineSys forge strategic partnership, unveiling cutting-edge storage solutions for the media market

April 26, 2024

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Haifa – April 24, 2024 – Xinnor, a leading Israeli-based software development company specializing in software data storage solutions, and CineSys LLC, a premier Broadcast and Media Systems Integrator in North America, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership, aimed to revolutionize storage management for digital content creators.

The collaboration combines xiRAID, Xinnor’s patented software RAID technology for NVMe SSD, with CineSys’ extensive expertise in providing top-notch solutions, integration, and support for digital content creators across various industries.

CineSys is leveraging the high level of performance enabled by xiRAID software RAID to offer two leading solutions to its customers:

1. NVME workstations for Autodesk Flame, BMD Resolve and Adobe: VFX Artists and Editors will be able to write and read data from the CineSys NVMe workstation at 50GB/s writes and 70GB/s reads. The deployment aims to replace traditional local uncompressed framestores, enhancing efficiency and performance for content creators.

2. SAN file systems using target nodes: CineSys integrated xiRAID into SAN file systems using target nodes. The setup features an iSCSI over RDMA SAN comprising two target nodes running on Supermicro 1U AMD Epyc-based PCIe 5 NVME storage. With each node equipped with 16x 7.68TB drives, delivering 107TB of usable space per node, the SAN ensures robust performance. With 4x 100Gb/s network links per node, the cluster achieves a remarkable performance of 50GB/s read and write per node, totaling 100GB/s read and write for the entire cluster.

“Xinnor and CineSys are at the forefront of revolutionizing data storage solutions for digital content creators,” said Davide Villa, CRO at Xinnor. “We are excited to partner with a recognized technology expert in the media and broadcast space. The combination of CineSys’ expertise with the performance and reliability provided by xiRIAD brings tremendous advantages to digital content creators who are looking for unmatched performance from their storage system.”

“CineSys is excited to collaborate with Xinnor to deliver state-of-the-art storage solutions that empower content creators to achieve their creative vision seamlessly and faster than ever before,” said Brent Angle, CTO at CineSys LLC.

CineSys’ NVMe workstations and SAN file systems equipped with Xinnor’s xiRAID are going to be released to the market in Q3.

About CineSys:

CineSys is a premier Broadcast and Media Systems Integrator providing solutions, integration, and support for digital content creators across North America. With decades of IT experience and a strong foundation in Media & Entertainment, CineSys serves various industries, accelerating workflows with cutting-edge technology.