Xinnor and MEGWARE partner to bring fast storage solution to the HPC and AI market

January 24, 2024

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[Haifa, Chemnitz-Rohrsdorf, 24/1/2024] – Xinnor, a leading provider of innovative storage software, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with MEGWARE Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH (MEGWARE), one of Europe’s leading HPC system integrators. MEGWARE engineers ran rigorous testing to validate performance and reliability of Xinnor’s xiRAID, an innovative RAID engine specifically designed to handle the high level of parallelism of NVMe SSD. The outcomes of these tests demonstrate that xiRAID, combined with parallel file systems like BeeGFS or Lustre, drastically improves performance of managing metadata and provides fast storage to HPC simulations and AI experiments.

XiRAID is a software RAID solution developed from the ground up to handle the high level of parallelism of modern NVMe SSDs. It provides close to raw drive performance which scales linearly in compute intensive RAID implementations in contrary to alternative RAIDs which cannot keep up with NVMe performance.

MEGWARE, recognized as one of the trailblazers in the European HPC and AI market, brings unparalleled expertise to the partnership. With a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions to demanding computational challenges, MEGWARE’s collaboration with Xinnor solidifies its commitment to provide innovative solutions to its customers to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

“For more than 30 years, MEGWARE built a solid reputation in the European HPC and AI market. We are proud that MEGWARE selected xiRAID as the best software RAID implementation to provide fast storage to its demanding customers.”, said Davide Villa, Chief Revenues Officer at Xinnor.

“MEGWARE is a recognized leader in the High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence markets. With a rich history of providing advanced solutions, MEGWARE is always evaluating new technology to select the one that can bring value to our customers. That’s why we invested time in qualifying Xinnor’s xiRAID, as demand for faster storage has never been higher and we can satisfy it with a very elegant solution like xiRAID.”, commented Andre Singer, CEO at MEGWARE. “The high flexibility of software RAID is one of the most important benefits for MEGWARE. xiRAID combines this flexibility with the performance of NVMEs.”

Customers interested in evaluating the solution based on xiRAID can access physically and remotely MEGWARE’s demo lab in Germany and prove the performance and reliability of the software with their specific workload.