Dmitry Livshits, CEO of Xinnor, gives an interview to Blocks & Files

December 7, 2022

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Dmitry Livshits, CEO of Xinnor, has given an interview to Blocks & Files, a leading enterprise storage news website. Dmitry has spoken in detail about the xiRAID support for SAS and SATA SSDs, xiRAID-ZFS combination, compatibility with QLC SSD and SPDK, and a global business strategy.

“We are looking at the industry to see where we could add the most value. The need for RAID is ubiquitous – we’ve seen installations of xiRAID in large HPC clusters and 4-NVMe Chia crypto miners, in autonomous car data-loggers and in video production mobile storage units,” said Dmitry. “We definitely see HPC and AI as an established market for us, and we’re targeting it specifically by doing industry-specific R&D, proof of concepts and talking to HPC customers and partners.”

Read the full interview here:

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