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Solidigm, a prominent player in the storage industry, offers a range of high-density QLC (Quad-Level Cell) SSDs designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. These QLC drives, including models like the D5-P5336, are optimized for both client and data center applications.

Solidigm's QLC SSDs are engineered to handle mixed read/write workloads efficiently, providing a balance of performance, power efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These drives are particularly well-suited for workloads such as AI data processing, big data analytics, and cloud storage, where both sequential and random read/write performances are critical.


The primary challenge addressed by Solidigm QLC drives is the need for high-capacity, cost-effective storage solutions that do not compromise on performance or reliability. As data volumes continue to grow exponentially, traditional storage solutions, such as HDDs, struggle to keep up with the performance and efficiency requirements of modern workloads, including AI, big data analytics, and cloud computing. These challenges include managing write amplification, ensuring data durability, and maintaining low latency under heavy and diverse workloads​.


To address customer demands for enhanced data security and resilience, Solidigm D5-P5336 61.44TB drives were combined with xiRAID, a software-based RAID solution. This pairing offers improved reliability and data recovery capabilities in the event of drive failure.

Solidigm - Solution

xiRAID optimizes the use of QLC drives by transforming write workloads into sequential writes, which enhances the endurance and performance of the SSDs. This partnership demonstrates how software innovations can unlock the full potential of high-density QLC NAND, making it suitable for a broader range of enterprise and data center applications. The combined solution of xiRAID and Solidigm QLC drives addresses the critical issues of performance, cost, and longevity in data storage.

Test Setup

System: Supermicro SYS-120U-TNR

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6354; 2 x sockets @3GHz, 18 cores/per socket

NUMA Nodes: 2

DRAM: Total 320G DDR4@3200 MHz

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS (Focal Fossa)

Kernel: 5.4.0-162-generic

NAND SSD: 5 x Solidigm D5-P5336 61.44TB, FW Rev: 5CV10081

fio version: 3.36

RAID: xiRAID Classic Version 4.0.4, RAID5 level

Test Results

Our tests focused on a RAID 5 configuration utilizing five of these high-capacity drives, and the outcomes demonstrate the powerful synergy between Solidigm's hardware and our RAID solution.

Test Result Efficiency (compared
to raw drives)
Read Bandwidth (GB/s) up to 36.8 100%
Write Bandwidth (GB/s) up to 12.3 80%
Read (K IOPS) up to 5.175 100%
Write (K IOPS) up to 131 80%

In sequential read tests with 512KiB blocks, we achieved a remarkable 36.8 GB/s bandwidth, essentially harnessing 100% of the raw performance from all five Solidigm drives. Random read performance was equally impressive, hitting 5,175 KIOPS. These results showcase how xiRAID can fully leverage the read capabilities of Solidigm's SSDs, providing uncompromised performance for data-intensive applications.

While write operations typically see some performance decrease in RAID configurations, our xiRAID technology still delivered strong results with the Solidigm drives. We recorded sequential write speeds up to 12.3 GB/s and random write performance of 131 KIOPS. This represents about 80% of the raw drive performance, which is exceptional for a RAID 5 setup. 20% loss is equivalent to one drive in the volume. One drive is used as parity drive and the host has only four drives where the data will be written to.

Importantly, our tests demonstrated xiRAID's ability to effectively manage write amplification on these large-capacity SSDs, making this combination ideal for workloads with sequential writes and mixed read patterns. These results highlight how Xinnor's xiRAID technology can maximize the potential of Solidigm's high-performance SSDs in demanding enterprise and AI environments.

Read the full version of performance test at Solidigm’s website: “Optimal RAID Solution with Xinnor xiRAID and High Density Solidigm QLC Drives”.

Learn how Xinnor can help you maximize the reliability of your SSDs, especially with QLC flash, in this podcast with Solidigm:

About Solidigm

Solidigm, a leading innovator in data storage technology, is committed to delivering cutting-edge storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Solidigm's product portfolio includes a range of SSDs designed for data centers, client computing, and specialized applications such as AI and big data analytics.

Solidigm's dedication to innovation is evident in its development of technologies like CSAL and Solidigm Synergy, which enhance the performance and reliability of its storage solutions. With a focus on providing scalable, efficient, and cost-effective storage, Solidigm continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in data storage, helping organizations worldwide to achieve their digital transformation goals.