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Founded in August 2009 in Seoul, South Korea, PetaData ( is a storage and archive specialist.

PetaData has been designing and building the best storage and archive systems for a wide range of customers across a variety of industries including AI & HPC, Media & Entertainment, surveillance, as well as military, finance, and manufacturing.

PetaData has a track record of designing and supplying storage systems ranging in size from tens of TB to tens of PB.

Partnership with Xinnor

Now, PetaData has partnered with Xinnor to provide high-performance software RAID technology to meet the needs of these diverse customers.

Recently Media & Entertainment customers go beyond 4K and are now preparing to edit and transmit 8K video.

The Surveillance market demands high-performance, scalable, and low-cost storage.

And diverse customers demand storage with powerful performance and flexibility for AI and HPC.

Xinnor performance - 1
Xinnor performance -  - 2

For these requirements, Xinnor's advanced RAID technology supplied by PetaData will maximize the performance of not only HDD but also NVMe.

PetaData Corporation - Xinnor


PetaData's storage servers are equipped with Xinnor's high-performance software RAID technology to meet the diverse needs of various industries.