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xiRAID was chosen as a software to enhance its back up repository performance. The NVMe-specialized software for SDS now has proved to be effective for building a high-speed back up solution.

Internet security experts at Networx Australia, provide a wealth of experience and expertise in designing, configuring and implementing major brands of Internet Security, Firewalls, VPNs, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Detection and Anti-Virus solutions for the SMB and enterprise markets. Doing business with a great number of customers, Networx Australia faces the challenge of storing and protecting large volumes of business-critical data. To ensure the customers’ data safety and protection, Networx Australia has implemented Veeam Repository backup environment based on NVMe drives and powered by xiRAID software.

Designed as a software RAID utility for delivering the fullest possible potential of NVMe drives, xiRAID was a powerful tool that helped to maximize the 16-NVMe drives backup environment’s effectiveness and to increase its speed.

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xiRAID helped to enhance the backup process, thus bringing the system’s efficiency up to the level that Networx Australia expected. Reducing the total cost of ownership in the long run by decreasing the need for adding more drives and hardware controllers in the infrastructure is seen as an important benefit as well. xiRAID is the perfect choice on the path to more sustainable data storage, as it eliminates performance waste and keeps the system vendor-agnostic, which leaves the door for implementing the most energy-efficient hardware truly open.

Backup Storage Environment (as provided by Networx Australia).

Veeam Data Repository; OS: Debian 10 kernel 4.19.0-17-amd64; xiRAID version 3.4.2; 16 NVMe drives.