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ATTO ExpressNVM™ NVMe Smart Switch Host Adapters are an innovative storage connectivity solution that adds scalability and flexibility to dense NVMe storage ecosystems while also including advanced management capabilities not available on other NVMe adapters.

ExpressNVM is a PCIe Gen4.0 host adapter with dedicated connections for up to 16 NVMe SSDs scaled to add high-performance storage capacity in a host server. The intelligent hardware architecture onboard the ExpressNVM is tightly coupled with highly optimized algorithms to help deliver maximum throughput in the fastest, most reliable, and smartest way possible.

Test details

We installed 8 NVMe SSDs via PCIe Gen4 on a Dell PowerEdge server using the ATTO ExpressNVM Adapter and ran sequential I/O across the RAID group.

Sequential workloads were measured using FIO with a 128K IO size. xiRAID recorded a performance with reads clocking at 27.5 GB/s in a x4 PCIe configuration across the RAID group, and writes averaging at 9 GB/s.

Test results

Sequential IO (M&E)
  S4FF S48F
  Read Write Read Write
RAW 25.2 GB/s 10.8 GB/s 28.1 GB/s 11.1 GB/s
RAID 25.0 GB/s 9.1 GB/s 27.5 GB/s 9.3 GB/s

Test setup

Server: Dell Power Edge R750

CPU: Intel® Xeon® Gold 6330 CPU @2.00GHz

Memory: 128GB DRAM

Operating System: Oracle Linux 8.7

Kernel Version: Linux 5.4.17-2136.313.6.el8uek.x86_64

NVMe Adapter: ExpressNVM S48F/S4FF x16PCIe Gen4

NVMe SSDs: 8x Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN650 NVMe drives


RAID stripe size: 128K – with Xinnor recommended optimization

Performance Benchmarking: FIO


Xinnor xiRAID and ATTO ExpressNVM bring the cost-effectiveness and familiarity of traditional RAID to the NVMe storage ecosystem while providing exceptional performance, reliability and scalability. xiRAID enables full-featured NVMe software RAID with minimal resource penalties while ExpressNVM provides the flexibility and manageability that storage infrastructure architects demand for their RAID designs.

About ATTO

Since 1988, ATTO Technology has been a global leader in storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments. They provide a wide-range of products to help customers better store, manage and deliver their data. ATTO is committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering high-performance, flexible and reliable storage connectivity solutions for Fibre Channel, SAS/SATA, iSCSI, Ethernet, NVMe, NVMe over Fabrics and Thunderbolt.